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Blog Post by SeriousWork Graduate and ProMet associate Vics Bradley.

I think most facilitators, like me, feed off of the positive energy of others. That’s why I felt so grateful to be back at a buzzing conference. I was ready to be super charged like a Tesla.

Legal Geek did not disappoint. I found myself in London, surrounded by 2000 attendees from the legal sector for a very unique conference experience. Lots of talking, lots of laughing and a casual but productive buzz in the air. For those unfamiliar, Legal Geek is a tech innovation conference for the legal sector.

I was there representing the ProMeet facilitation team to deliver LEGO Serious Play workshops with a focus on sustainability in the legal sector.

These were short workshops of 45mins that really pushed participants to think and act quickly. I often think that shorter workshops are more challenging than the usual half-day of full-day we are accustomed to.

On the train down to London, I had been watching ‘Better Call Saul’ which felt like a nice coincidence. I was expecting some Howard Hamlin and Chuck McGill style characters… I was very wrong.

Around 120 attendees embarked on a 45min introduction to LEGO Serious Play and an exploration into sustainability in the legal sector. The room was packed with what turned out to be some of wildly creative minds. There was a wave of anticipation, excitement and laughter in the air. 

Firstly we completed some warm up builds to familiarise the room with using the bricks and to encourage attendees to embrace their curiosity. After that we were ready to jump into our builds. I asked the attendees to;

“The year is 2032 and you’ve just been crowned ‘The World’s Most Sustainable Legal Firm’. Build a shared model to showcase the ideas your firm implemented to win this title.”

This question was designed to fit one of the conference’s themes of sustainability. It encouraged attendees to consider sustainability impact, and what ideas they could implement now, that could lead to sustainable change.

The shared models were quite fascinating and definitely generated some laughs. Here is a summary of some of the stories that were shared;

Make law completely open source, build better legal transparency and dissolve the need for legal firms all together.

Supporting green startups pro-bono until they grow, replant trees to become carbon negative, generate our own water and electricity.

Have our client’s lead on the design of the services they need so that we support them better.

Use less paper, make lawyers self sustaining, have more women in leadership positions and implement systems for better work-life balance.

And a crowd favourite…

“Every time a lawyer recommends litigation they have to plant four trees.”

The best thing about LEGO Serious Play is the amazing array of outcomes it produces. It’s such a brilliant mix of a creativity and process. It’s a joy to facilitate this kinaesthetic learning style. I always leave with a smile, and with my batteries fully charged.

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