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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification

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Unlock learning with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

In House LSP x Education Training

We work closely with our partners when planning your in-house LEGO Serious Play x
Education training to ensure that we meet your specific professional development needs.

Our one and two-day programs are modular in design to ensure that they can be flexible and accessible for educators and institutions from a diverse range of contexts and backgrounds

Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play x Education

#Hacked. For Classrooms.

Become a certified Teacher-Facilitator

LEGO Serious Play was invented over 20 years ago in the Swiss 'IMD Business School' by Professors Roos and Victor. It was intended as a method for corporate strategy applications. Picture small groups of seniors executives working in multi-day workshops.

The learning and education is so different, and therefore LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® needed hacking to work with much younger people (including primary or early years learners). As well as adapting to work in shorter, typically one hour sessions.

We have also coined a new term, the "teacher-facilitator". This role needs to pivot between imparting knowledge in the role of a teacher, to then facilitating the learners to (literally) build their own knowledge. We will tach you how to elegantly move between these roles.
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One day class

Build Level 1: Individual Model Building

The focus of the first module is on Build Level 1 - Individual model building. Participants will:
> Experience the method as a learner
> Engage in practice-based learning
> Engage in session design challenges
> Identify where practice meets pedagogy

16x participants max.
Two day class

Build Level 2: Shared Model Building

The second module is all about shared model building. Here, participants will:
> Shared Build xEDU master class
> Deep dive into case studies from education
> LEGO Serious Play Hackathon (fit to context)
> Facilitation master-class

8x participants max.


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