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AdvancedLEGO® Serious Play®Facilitator Training

Advanced. System model facilitation.

Systems thinking, made visible.

System models allow groups to explore situations dynamically. Once built, by physically moving one node of a system model, groups can see impacts and consequences elsewhere in the model. Like so much else in LEGO Serious Play, we have improved many of the original techniques and we frame systems model workshops as a way to make systems thinking visible.

In a world where evidently we are poor at understanding the consequences of actions, LEGO Serious Play Build Level 3: System modelling is a much needed method. We will be pleased to teach you how to plan, design and deliver a system level workshop.

We run Build Level 3: System model training
online and face-to-face.

LEGO Serious Play Build Level 3

From £1665

Advance to go

Get a systemic outlook. Help others see the bigger picture.
This is serious facilitation

LEGO Serious Play is an incredibly powerful communication tool even before you get to Build Level 3: System Models. Then it's a niche technique for a subset of facilitators and we think it is best learnt after people already know how to facilitate Build Levels 1 and 2.

The difficult part of this is not facilitating the build of the model, but planning and designing a workshop to then use the system model to deliver real insight. But done well systems model workshops can be almost magical experiences for participants.
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Advanced LEGO Serious Play facilitation training
Learn to facilitate system level workshops

For those who have already attended our
two day certification or were trained by others our advanced Build Level 3: System Models training is 2 days.

If you are a beginner you will learn systems facilitation skills on days three and four of a four day advanced training (days 1 and 2 being our
two day certification)

Course outline and flow of the Advanced only 2 day class

Before training
+ Get joining instructions, share dietary needs
+ Get access to Circle (more on that below)
+ Optionally download books and pre-read

During Day 1
+ The system thinking context - what is a system?
+ Building a system model build: participants co-facilitate
+ Introduction to Build Level 3 frameworks
+ Scenario design
+ Facilitating the insight stage
+ Homework task - design and plan your own Build Level 3 workshop

During Day 2
+ The four stages of effective meetings
+ Facilitating the insight stage practice
+ Vital steps in workshop design and prep
+ 'Catalytic Mechanisms' and 'New Metrics'
+ Review homework task
+ Learning from case studies of LEGO Serious Play
+ Simple guiding principles of systems workshops
+ What follows? Strategic Planning frameworks
+ Action planning and learning
+ Questions that remain
+ Course learning, certification, next steps and close

After training
+ Lifetime access to our 'graduate only' Circle Community
+ A one to one session with your trainer before your first big workshop
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Learn face-to-face

See you in class

Systems facilitator training
You can attend a four day training that covers all the content of our 2 day core skills training then we spend days 3 and 4 learning to design and facilitate Build Level 3: System model workshops.

We also run a two day advanced class
for those who are already certified and have core LEGO Serious Play facilitation skills.

In both cases in the advanced skills training you’ll participate in a Build Level 3 workshop. You'll learn how to plan, prepare and follow up from a system-model workshop. You'll learn from case studies to see how it works in the real-world and we'll give you templates and you will design your own Build Level 3 workshop.

After training join a learning-circle where you can keep on learning together.
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*NEW* Learn online

Systems Work Online

Work at the cutting edge
In 2020 we pioneered online LEGO Serious Play and wrote the book describing how to facilitate the foundation components of #OnlineLSP - individual and shared model building.

In 2021 we designed, piloted and refined the online techniques for System Models. And we've cracked it! Watch a video of participant feedback below or read a
detailed report from LSPConnect founder Guy Stephens, who kindly participated in one of our pilot classes. In his own words, "Can a Systems Build be done online effectively? For me, the answer is yes. Without a doubt."

To learn to design and facilitate Online LEGO Serious Play workshops join one of our new
online classes.
Participant feedback - a short video
In this short video our graduates talk about their experiences during training
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Core skills + advanced training - 4 days
If you have not already undertaken a LEGO Serious Play facilitation training then attend our next four day core skills (we cover our 2 day Build Level 1 and Build Level 2 training first) + Advanced Training.
Already certified? Advanced training - 2 days
Graduates of our two day training and those who've attended other training programmes can develop and enhance their advanced LEGO Serious Play facilitation skills with us online or face-to-face.


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Online classes: now available

What is a system?

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Your certificate will look a bit like…
As the only practice-based trainings these certificates are the highest value on offer. Click to see a big one.
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Did someone say library? community? database?

Graduates level Circle access

Helping you become a better facilitator
Graduates get graduate level access to our *new *online Circle community, where people communicate, share knowledge and learn together.

This is a meeting space for our new series of events, a library of knowledge for trained LEGO Serious Play facilitators and a new Micro-modules learning space to learn latest techniques. This is a golden goose of a resource where we post far more than just tips on LEGO Serious Play, but help you a become better facilitator able to deliver gold standard workshops. Your fee includes lifetime access to graduate level access of our Circle community.
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Book your place

Where and when do you want to attend?

Each course has maximum of 8 people and cost £2600 plus VAT (if applicable, £3120 with VAT).

To book your spot please choose your location and date by using the drop down menus

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