In House LEGO Serious Play facilitator training
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification


In House LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training

Unlock enhanced communication, build new value and create shared meaning in your organisation with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

We deliver standard and bespoke in-house LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation training for customers including Accenture, Roche, The Inter-America Development Bank and even a well known toy company!

We have trained leaders in a wide range of sectors: from banking to pharmaceuticals and healthcare.
We have delivered our training in Europe, the Americas, Pacific Asia and the Middle East.

In House Lego Serious Play Facilitation Training

Serious.Global. LEGO Serious Play facilitation training all over the world.

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Edward Mackle
Programme Manager and Strategist


"Myself and other colleagues from a well known toy company attended SeriousWork's LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator training. I can't recommend the training enough - it was hands-on, engaging and highly enjoyable.

Crucially, the training encouraged us to hone our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation skills. Highly recommend."
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Fiona Smith


"The training that Sean ran at a well known toy company really deepened my LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® skills and will allow me to use the LEGO product much more effectively to facilitate workshops.

Sean provided an excellent training workshop – very hands-on, thoughtful, insightful and fun!"
Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator: John

John Lynch
Service Design Lead
Accenture - Fjord

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"I was lucky to receive training from Sean in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® levels 1 & 2. We were a small group of 8 facilitators and I learned a lot in 2 days. In particular, as I have experience in facilitation and "design thinking" methods, I found LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to be a powerful approach for more strategic themes and goals.

Sean's style is completely "hands-on", everyone in the workshop got practice and by the end of the session we were facilitating our own colleagues using the method we learned."
Julian King

Julian King
Senior Director, Performance & Engagement
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

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"A couple of weeks ago, Sean skilfully took us - a team of 8 experienced, seen-it-all facilitators - through Build Levels 1 & 2 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

I cannot think of a better role model as a facilitator, and the tool is simply awesome:)."

Adela Barrio
Knowledge, Innovation & Communication Team
Inter-American Development Bank

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"After a long online research, we realized that SERIOUSWORK had the perfect profile to facilitate two strategic planning sessions and to run a series LEGO Serious Play facilitation training workshops.

Regarding the training, the outcome was better than we expected. It was hands-on, and thoroughly enjoyable;
Sean gave us examples that were relevant to our corporate mission. And most importantly, he not only demonstrated complete mastery in the use of the methodology, but also provided powerful insights beyond his book and material.

Sean run two strategic planning workshops: i) with our management team and, ii) with our whole sector consisting of about 150 participants. He took the time to understand well our organization, its challenges during the merger of three units, and was fully committed to deliver an exceptional service. Sean is an engaging and effective communicator, who establishes a customer driven experience from the very beginning. Outstanding facilitator, always positive, and with a pleasant disposition. Thank you so very much Sean. It was a genuine pleasure to work with you!"

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